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In the late 1990's OTF shut down its touring services to focus on charter flights. We experienced a signifigant amount of success in the rental industry but not with brokering charter flights. This led to us transfering our clientele to an affilliate service. GJ is the company we decided to affiliate with. They offer 10% of their profits to charity and are excellent people to boot. Our experiences with GJ have allowed us to partner with them.

Disclaimer: Any bookings made through this affiliation do profit OutThereFlying

Why Charter?

1. Work While you Fly
2. Relax before you arrive
3. No waiting at airports
4. No TSA Pat/Downs
5. Bring your pet!

Where are you coming from?


Recent News

11 JUN 14Back In Business!

After Taking a Few years to grow from just a tour company to a full blown industry, I have begun giving tours again!

11 Aug 13Coming Back Soon!

We are going to be in operation sometime soon! For the time being, enjoy the new website!