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Out There Flying began as a small tour company and we absolutely love what we do. We give Arial Tours of the better part of the western united states. We operate in Colorado, but we have affiliates in every major metro area. Our network allows for you to get the best prices guarranteed. Arial tours are limmited to 4 passengers, but special arrangements can be made.

Quote from one of your pilots:

"Come join me on a high adventure flying trip into Utah’s Red Rock Country. We’ll fly through some of the most gorgeous terrain in the “lower 48” states. Follow along as we land at runways located in deep river canyons ringed by 1,000’ sheer cliffs. This is about as much fun and adventure as you can have in an airplane!"

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Recent News

11 JUN 14Back In Business!

After Taking a Few years to grow from just a tour company to a full blown industry, I have begun giving tours again!

11 Aug 13Coming Back Soon!

We are going to be in operation sometime soon! For the time being, enjoy the new website!